How to Get GBWhatsapp Backup Without Losing Any Chat

    GBWhatsapp is really a special app for everyone, but the problem lies here that how to get a GBWhatsapp backup without losing any media or chat. So, in this tutorial, we will explain you everything in simple steps so that you can use this app without losing your precious content and data.

    If you are using GBWhatsapp for the very first time then follow these steps closely as you have to keep everything clear during taking the backup. Believe me, it’s not a rocket science, you can easily do it in less than two minutes. So, the key is to follow our instructions properly.

    GBWhatsapp backup

    So, without wasting a single minute, let’s get to the business end of the game. Let’s get started.

    How to Download GBWhatsapp APK

    Simple Steps to get GBWhatsapp Backup
    Well, let’s have a look at these steps and then repeat it on your mobile device.

    First of all, download the app on your device if you haven’t downloaded yet.
    Install GBWhatsapp on your device and keep it there. Don’t open it now.
    Now go to your Whatsapp and press the Menu
    After pressing the Menu button, click on the
    Now come to the chat setting, and click on the Chat Backup.
    GBWhatsapp Backup

    The process of the backup will start when you click on it. It takes a few moments to complete the process.
    After completion, go to your GB Whatsapp, and open it.
    Press on “Agree and Continue” to start the proceedings.
    The most crucial step is “ Copy Whatsapp Data”.
    Next step is to enter the number and allows it to verify.
    Once verification is complete, a Restore Option will show up.
    Click on it and wait for a few seconds.
    That’s it. You have taken the GBWhatsapp Backup and enjoy the lovely features with your old data.
    You can download the APK file from here.

  • Top Best 10 Games Under 10 MB With High Graphics

    Who could have imagined that we will be able to play 1Gb games on our smartphones. It was impossible 10 years ago, but now it’s no big deal. However, I have experienced that gaming is only smooth when you have a high-end device and if you’re still using a low-end device, then all these fancy things is a still a dream for you.

    Although, where there is a will there is a way. If you are reading this article, then I want to tell you that I have come today as a savior for all those guys who are using low-end Android devices and are in an urgent need of playing low MB games but can’t because your device won’t let you.

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    Here are top 10 best games under 10MB for Android –
    #10 Sky –
    Sky is brought to you by Ketchapp, the same developers team which brought you Break Liner and Phases. This time they came up with a fantastic idea where you have to jump your obstacles to keep moving and beat your high score. A defined time-eater which will make you addicted towards it.

    To add the cherry to top the cake, the main character also clones itself which is very helpful at times but everything to juggle becomes very difficult.

    Screenshots –

    games under 10mb

    #9 Endless Falling –
    As the name sounds, the game is bizarre. It does what you will never do in your wildest dreams. The character jumps off the cliff, and you have to save him from coming obstacles down to the earth. The background score suits the theme of the game, and both complicate each other very well.

    And to turn up the difficulty the game doesn’t let you fall free. You have to keep collecting the hearts to keep down the adrenaline. If you love games which possess a dark theme, then you can surely go for Endless Falling.

    Screenshots –

    games under 10mb

    #8 Modern Sniper –
    An all and all shooting game which moves you to the world of crime and assassins. You are a modern sniper and you have to kill the mob of the enemy or the final target using your shooting skills. You are equipped with sniper rifles and assault rifles to kick your enemy’s a*s.

    With over 50 missions to complete you are introducing yourselves to a hell of a ride. The game is all you would like to see in a modern day assassinations game. Go for a HEADSHOT now.

    Screenshots –

    games under 10mb

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    #7 Caveman Adventure –
    Remember Mario or Adventure island? Caveman is an adventure game designed by STEM Studios. The game follows a caveman who’s kid is kidnapped by a dinosaur and the caveman is running through the jungle to find his kid and save him. The graphics and pacing of the game are as good as it should be at this time.

    With more than 20 stages, power-ups, power-lows, 4 special worlds, hundreds of mind-boggling obstacles make this game extremely addictive and one of its kind. It will surely make you remember the old Mario games.

    Screenshots –

    games under 10mb

    #6 Skyball Lite –
    Skyball Lite is a 3D racing game with some raging twists. Skyball lite make all the laws of physics useless and creates the world full of unconsciousness, disorientation, and unsettling. You have to use a skyball and keep rolling on till you reach the finish line. Everything in this world is upside-down and makes you confuse with loads of twists and turns.

    When we talk about games under 10MB, we usually have to compromise on graphics and VFX, but that’s the beauty of Skyball Lite, compared to the small chunk of space it will acquire in your Android, the VFX is quite impressive.

    The touch panel controls the speed and all the turns of the ball. Pressing the left side of the screen will make the ball speed up and pressing on the right side will make it slow.

    The game is quite weird but very addictive. It gives the genre of racing a new and fresh twist.

    Screenshots –

    games under 10mb

    #5 No One Dies –
    Enough of the same shit of running from obstacles. No One Dies is a 10 levels ups game. You are not supposed to control one character but 2 to 36 at a time. A mind twisting game designed to test hand and mind control skills.

    Run faster without tripping and save as many as you can. If you want a dark game with some modifications of a full-on adventure game, then No One Dies is your cup of tea.

    Screenshots –

    games under 10mb

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    #4 Poly Path –
    Poly Path is another very addictive game. To play this game, you need an incredible amount of focus and reflexes. You will counter balls which are supposed to be dropped in the rings with their respective colors. Initially, the game is easy to play but slowly the path becomes curious and starts moving, and the game becomes extremely difficult to carry out.

    It’s simple yet very difficult to master. No damn Internet connection is required to play this awesome mind twisting game. Feeling bored? pick up your phone and start practicing your mind with something astonishing. And as we are discussing about games under 10MB, this game is also sized just 5MB.

    Screenshots –

    games under 10mb

    #3 Orbit Navigator –
    Orbit Navigator is a run to survive kind of a game, but in this case, you don’t have to run but hop. You have to hop from one orbit to another and keep yourself alive by hopping to different orbits. Developed by Vanilla Web, the game is very simple with interface, theme and background score, but still a time-killer.

    The category of low MB games is incomplete without Orbit Navigator.

    Screenshots –

    games under 10mb

    #2 Singularity –
    Singularity is quite different from others. Here you have to find ways to jump downwards using shadows in both black and white platforms. The game can be played in almost all kind of Android versions available right now and also takes very less space in your phone, hardly 10Mb. It has minimal ads, created very less disturbance, although, those ads can be removed using In-App purchases.

    Screenshots –

    games under 10mb

    #1 Incrediblock: brick breaker –
    Incrediblock is the traditional brick breaker game but with some useful modifications. The game has some new modifications like the breaking bricks can make your more points but can also become a changing point in your game by disrupting your ball.

    Hundreds of levels and increasing difficulty and challenges with every level promises you a fantastic game.

    Thus, was the top ten 10 best games under 10MB for Android. You can keep all the 10 games installed on your phone as they won’t take much space on your phone.

    Screenshots –

    games under 10mb

    Why Games under 10Mb are needful –
    The reason for writing an article focusing on 10MB games is because it’s neglected category. In the era of high-end games, no one talks about these small sized games which usually make big impact. However, I believe 10MB games or low MB games are better than high-end games even for the high-end device holders because they are more convenient.

    If you have a low-end smartphone which doesn’t support high-end games then these games under 10MB are a complete gaming package for you. All games are superior to their genre to give a tough competition to those high-weighted and high-powered games.

    If you want to check other low MB games other then the options mentioned in the list than you can check the games by the developers like Candy Mobile, MiniCard, and Ketchapp. These bunch of developers designs the best low MB games suitable for you.

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